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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our top 10 travel products

There are so many great travel products out there its so hard to choose what you will actually need for a trip. For me personally, a product has to be multi-purpose. As well as being good for travel it has to fit into my everyday life too- or its a waste of money. Here are some of our favs...

10. Pashmina or a large scarf.
I have always found these to be an absolute must for travel. Not only does it cover up your shoulders on cold planes, but for this trip it doubled up as a cover for bubs whilst breastfeeding on the plane and it was great as a light blanket for her. I personally wouldn't skimp on one of these, go out and get the real deal- you wont regret it.

9. Lucas Papaw Ointment
Not only does this product live in my medicine cabinet, my handbag & my bedside drawer, but it also has a new home in my suitcase. The question is: what can't you use this product for? Love it as a lipbalm, for dry hands, nappy rash, dry skin and puffy eyes. I've even used it as a hair wax when none was around. A must have for anyone!

8. Travel size disenfectant wipes.
Another must have in my handbag ever since I got pregnant (and became a germ-o-phobe!). These are so cheap to buy, around $2.00 for a packet, so grab a few & have one always on hand in the nappy wallet, handbag or cabin bag. Fab for those (shady) toilets you find when travelling. You could also use the gels but having a cloth in one go saves time and that tiny bit of space.

7. A lightweight suitcase (or two)
Again its worth spending the money on a good lightweight suitcase. Ours was made by Qantas and weighed only 500gms. Look for one on wheelswith a pull contractable handle, with hardly any compartments inside (these actually take up space rather than make it) and has an expandable gusset, which is really handy if you have a "fat" suitcase on the way there from nappys or on the way home from shopping.

6. Travel size containers for sunscreen, shampoo & creams..
You would be suprised how little product you actually need on holidays. There is absolutely no point in taking full size shampoo and creams. Almost every Chemist or even Supermarkets nowdays sell travel size containers to put your cosmetics in. I have even seen some companies wising up and now making travel size products for you. But it is worth getting your own containers for environmental and economical reasons. Also there is nothing like a bit of your own face cream during a long flight to pick you up, and with current airline regulations you are required to only carry 100mL bottles each item up to 1000mL in total (again check with your airline).

5. Trolley Monster Nappy Wallet
I can't beleive I used to carry around a big, heavy, bulky nappy bag- thank goodness for the Nappy Wallet! These are perfect for day trips and I even took this on the plane with me, doing the occasional "stock-up" with nappies way down the bottom of our cabin backpack. It sure saved  alot of panic and stress in those emergency nappy changes on the plane. I could fit 3-4 disposable nappies, 1 pack of nappy rubbish bags, 1 Huggies travel wipes pack & my travel disenfectant wipes and a spare singlet in the wallet.

4. The Grobag
If you haven't got one of these, then don't wait any longer! This not only is perfect for home, but it is an essential on the plane, particulary if you have a bassinet seat. It gets very cold on planes and bubs will need to be warm in order to sleep. If you don't get a Grobag, then opt for a sleeping bag that zips all the way around the bottom or in the centre for easy nappy change, and peronally I would go for one without sleeves. You can always dress bubs in an all-in-one underneath. A 2.5TOG should be fine on a flight.

3. The Quicksmart Backpack Stroller
Ok, so its not an essential, but what a lifesaver!! We took this ultra-light & ultra compact stroller on board with us, so no waiting for us for our stroller at the end of our flight. While the family next to us was carrying their bubs, bags, their duty free and wheeling a suitcase, they were still waiting for their stroller- we had grabed our luggage and were making our way to our pick up! Plus the look you get from amazed passengers as you unfold a stroller from an average size backpack is priceless. We picked ours up form eBay for around $50.00.

2. The Bubba Moe sling
I cannot rave about this sling enough! It has been the best purchase I have made since becoming a mum. I have seen other carriers and slings bought by girlfriends and people on the street, and I would have to say it doesn't compare to the Bubba Moe. So of course I had to take it with me to Thailand, and thank goodness I did! I used it whilst in transit at Singapore airport and managed to calm bubs down enough so she could sleep on our connecting flight (thank god!) and it was a must have for all those night walks through the markets. By the time we got back to our hotel room bubs was fast asleep. And whilst I wouldn't get her in the habbit of falling asleep that way- during travel its a god send.


I would hate to think what would have happened on our trip during feed times if this product had not been invented! Lets just say, Thailand has high chairs but they certainly don't have the safety standard we do in Australia! Harnesses and even ties seem to be non-exsistant. This is my number 1 product for travel. Even if you are going somewhere who have safe high chairs get one anyway. Not every place has highchairs and these can fit onto almost every chair. Or if you live in a small house its perfect as well, just for space saving alone, as you just use a normal chair. Plus its fully washable and rolls up to the size of a small bag of peas. Honestly, forget booster seats and feeding bubs in the pram- get the TOTSEAT and you wont regret it.

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