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Thursday, July 5, 2012


After seeing that many WA towns already we decided to take some pictures of Mandurah we found a little funny....

Pretty much says it all really!

Its important to get the midstream

You want extra butter with that?

Look out Flipper.... they have EFTPOS!

Mandurah Caravan Park

We absolutely loved Mandurah Caravan Park. It was very family friendly, (go Top Tourist Parks!) had amazing amenities like the excellent camp kitchen AND the bathrooms I have to say were mother-in-law clean (my mother-in-law is a complete neat freak!)

To top it off they have a pool, bouncy pillow, park ducks, and very friendly staff and people. I didn't get too many photo's as we were so busy talking to fellow travellers in the camp kitchen, although you can look up the park on the Top Tourist web site.

We give Mandurah Caravan Park 4 out of 5 fowls.

Bunbury to Mandurah

After breakfast we had a look around Bunbury town center. I went op-shopping and scored the best stuff I have in a long time!

Apparently burglars dress exactly like this in Bunbury

We set off towards Mandurah in the hopes of finding a good free camp for our overnight stay. We headed to Preston Beach but decided not to stay as the beach was quite rough and there was an alarming amount of roo poo on the ground.

We pressed on to Mandurah and arrived late afternoon where we were going to stay in another carpark by the beach but after talking to a backpacker, he advised us not to as it wasn't safe.

That sold us on the local Top Tourist park in Mandurah. Lucky really, as it was a really nice park.

Yulingup to Bunbury

We left Yullingup early and headed towards Bussleton. Had a quick stop in Bussleton and had lunch and a look around.

The beach at Bussleton was stunning with its white beaches and blue still waters. They have a little shark proof swimming area for those concerned about sharks or have little ones.

The Bussleton Jetty is the longest wooden peir in the southern hemisphere (1.8km). You have to pay to walk on it or you can take a ride on the little jetty train. When we were there it was actually quite a warm day so we gave the jetty tour a miss (plus hubby didn't want to have to pay money to walk on a jetty)

We set off towards Bunbury and ended up staying by the beach in a carpark for the night.

Yullingup Caravan Park

On the whole we found Yullingup a nice spot and was our second WA caravan park stop, so it was nice to stop to de-funk.

We found the park itself a bit of a let down. Its a bit pricey for what you get- $16 per adult and $10 per child with no pool, limited ammenties and ok bathrooms. They also have snakes around the park, and for someone who hates snakes makes one slightly paranoid on the trek to the loo.

But if you are after a really nice cabin with a veiw and go for a surf in the morning its a great spot. The BBQ's are on the grassed area at the front and makes a great spot for a BBQ dinner.

We give Yullingup Caravan Park 3 out of 5 fowls

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Margaret River to Yullingup

We woke up pretty cold at Prevelly beach so we decided to make our way back into town to make breakfast. Had good old bacon and eggs before venturing into town to have a look around.
Sweet shopping strip with LOADS of surf shops!
 Of course they have wineries too

Went to Margaret River cheese factory to pick up some of the most exquisit cheeses and yogurts we have ever tasted. We highly reccomend the Port Chedder, the Chilli Tastey cheese and the Peaches and Mango pot set yogurt.
 I got a bit excited when I saw a Coopers Pale Ale sign. Go SA!!

Headed towards Bussleton and had a quick look around. We decided to head back to Yullingup to stay the night as we were told it was a cracking spot.

SECRET SPOT to Margaret River

Enjoyed the gorgeous drive to Margaret River with some of the biggest trees I have ever seen. We would have liked to of stopped to do the Tree Tops walk but Ella had fallen asleep and we didn't want to wake her.

We did however stop at Dinosaur World which had a really impressive dinosaur skeleton display as well as reptiles and an amazing bird avairy collection. Watch the Cockatoo though, he seduces you by calling you "darling". You could also feed some pretty relaxed kangaroos.

Onwards we went through more gorgeous country side and passed many a winery. I have to say that the drive from Albany to Margaret River is absolutely stunning and we will be back to do the drive again (maybe without the child!).
Mother nature fighting back after a fire

We headed to a camp spot called Alexander Bridge but at $22 with no showers and possibly a whole lot of mozzies, we pressed on to Margaret River.

We made it into the town center around 3pm and headed straight for Prevelly Beach, famous surf spot in the area.
 Our veiw for the night

Stayed the night listening to the sound of waves crashing on the distant rocks in the ocean.

Had a nice warming cauliflower soup with bacon crispies and herb croutons for tea which I nearly sold a bowl to a hungry cold surfer :)