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Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to shorten or custom fit blinds for a motorhome/caravan

After many fruitless hours on the phone to try and get someone out to fit some venetian blinds in Gus, we decided to fit them ourselves. It wasn't so much the width of the blinds I was worried about, more so the drop. (We are also using a flexitrack for the back for blockout curtains so we were able to use store bought blinds in various widths.)

All I can say is thank god for Bunnings and the internet! I was expecting the blinds to cost us around $1500. In the end it cost just under $300. Here is a quick way to shorten blinds.

  • Pull the release cord and allow the blind to open to its full length. There may be a considerable amount that is then laying on the floor. (We put ours up first to get the exact drop but the floor is ok too)
  •  Find the very bottom of the blind and remove the end caps from the rail. The rail is the last slat on the blind that is thicker than the rest
  • Untie the cords that are knotted under the bottom rail. Once you remove the knots, you will   be able to slide off the individual slats.
  • Find (or measure) your desired drop, and while holding your finger on the new bottom slat, pull the string through so it is the last one the string goes through.

    • Carfefully slide the unwanted slats of working from the new drop downwards till the thick bottom slat.

    • Now thread back through the thicker bottom slat, thread through the string through the hole and put the cap back on tucking in the "ladder" slat holders as well. Tie a knot and cut excess. Cut excess slat holders UNDER the thick slat.

      • Now to move onto the ties. MAKE SURE the blind is at its full new length. Slide toggles up and snip the bottom knot off. Re-tie at the new shorter length.

        Voila! Shorter blinds!

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