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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prepare for the desination

For us this was easy as we had been to Samui 3 times before, however never with a baby. The main areas you need to consider are:
  • Weather and Climate
  • Food
  • Nappies, wipes and other baby supplies- are they easily available?
  • Transport- how are you getting there and how will you get around?
  • Its also a good idea to look at local laws and customs in relation to car seats, breastfeeding in public and whether they are accustomed in accomodating babies- ie: change rooms, safety in hotel rooms, floor surfaces & pool fencing.

Make Google your best friend and do as much research as possible. Try to find a forum of people who have traveled to the area before and ask loads of questions. Remember as a parent there are no stupid questions.

When travelling, also have an even hightened sense of dangers and risks associated with your child. Its unfamilier territory for them as well as for you in some cases so be on gaurd- but also remember to relax and have fun, it is a holiday after all.

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