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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What to Pack

So your almost set & getting excited on your family's new adveture. But what to pack? Here's what we took for 10 days to a tropical climate and total of 8 1/2 hours flying with a 2 hour transit inbetween.

Cabin Bag
Our cabin bags consisted of our backpack stroller (4kg) and the backpack with bub's essentials, the things she would need during the flight and during transit. These were:
  • 10 nappies,
  • Grobag, 
  • two small toys (preferably quiet ones)- one new and one old,
  • a small book, 
  • an insulated bag with 2 solid meals and 2 bottles.*
  •  Baby sling
  • Travel highchair
  • Nappy wallet
*I took her own food as airlines will serve food when it suits them and not baby. It turned out they served her lunch when it was her playtime & so she was not interested in food. They also have to serve hot food (once warmed up) within 1 hour due to health & food safety, so if bubs doesn't eat in this time frame she will miss out.
    I also carried an over the shoulder handbag for our passports, travel details and money/credit cards.

    Apart from our own personal items (see How to Pack http://followthefowlers.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-to-pack.html) for bubs we took:
    • enough nappies for our stay plus 3 days (just incase of flight delays or accidents), 
    • 1 box of baby cereal- an absolute lifesaver if you are after something a bit more filling than tropical fruit and fish,
    • 1 box of baby rusks- these bought us some quiet time whilst waiting in restaurants,
    • 6 packets of disenfectant wipes,
    • 1 tin of formula- now even if you are breastfeeding take one anyway, again just incase. Its great for mixing in thick food such as mashed potatoes or (touch wood) if anything was to happen to mum at least baby can have milk to drink that she/he wont have a reaction to (see Prepare Baby). 

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