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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gus the finished bus!

We are proud to introduce you to a brand new Gus...... enjoy :)

 Lounge, kitchen and bed

 Cooktop & sink with glass lids

 Comfy custom made bed

Baskets to hold all our stuff in place

Yay! Vintage Tupperware!

 Cleaning central.... under sink stuff, mini vac and kitchen tidy

 More vintage Tupperware and vanity mirror

 AND yes more vintage Tupperware :P

 Control central

 The "lounge"/"dining"/"daybed" and cabin

 Veiw from the bed

Vintage TIKI cutlery drawer

Our mascot Lola from Hawaii


  1. Wow!! This looks unreal!!!! I love it!!
    It's like a house, amazing! Nice salt & pepper shakers too hehe
    Strangely enough I came by your blog yesterday and I was wondering how it was all going. My partner & I bought a toyota hi ace a few weeks ago, and have fit it out with a bed. We will be leaving for W.A in about 3 weeks! Perhaps we will see you on the road! Happy travels. Kylie x

  2. Hey Kylie! I know I saw your blog! That is awesome!!! We will be heading over west april, may june hopefully if it all goes to plan :) You have to do the Nullabor golf course on the way xx Jas