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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adelaide to Moonta Bay

After lots and lots of waiting, fixing and more waiting for things to arrive we set off for my personal fav spot in SA- Moonta Bay!

We arrived around 3ish, had a bit of a look around Moonta main street where I did some awesome vintage shopping then parked Gus in the carpark near the jetty.

I took Ella for a walk and when we got back, David was banging on the bus door and swearing at Gus. Yup, locked the keys inside the bus on day 1!

Luckily some awesome locals in the carpark helped us get him open and we ended up having drinks with them. Ella played with the kids and even had a go on a longboard made by one of the local guys.

Big cheers to Smithy and Dorf :)


  1. Hey guys....just seen your bus in Albany, WA....have a great trip.

  2. YAY! Thanks for stopping by! We absolutely adored Albany. Would love to come back for a longer stay :)