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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our new adventure!

So we were talking during our cruising holiday on the Murray.... why don't we pack it in, live where a bus takes us.

Why not!

Crazy? Yes.

Scary? VERY! Lets do it!

We have been looking for a Toyota Coaster now for around 6 months. I'm not sure why we picked that type of motorhome, I think David suggested it to begin with. But it has grown on me with its kooki vintage style and Dave loves it for its mechanical endurance.

I have to say, trying to reasearch on motorhomes not for The Grey Nomads really challenging! There are bits of information scattered around but nothing very comprehensive.

Ebay has been a great source, looking at all the different standards of Coasters and the price ranges. I guess its one of those things you just learn along the way!

To be continued.......

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