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Monday, November 15, 2010

Introducing.... Gus the Bus!

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the Fowler family- Gus!

Found on eBay, we had to go and get him from Victoria- which actually wasn't that bad for us being in Adelaide, compared to most of the motorhomes which were usually in Queensland.

I could not believe we found one we both liked and was in our price range. Now this dream was finally in motion... its has to happen now, no matter what!

And now the fun begins. Mechanically Gus is pretty good, has had a new engine put in and has recently had a body work overhaul, with rust cut out and bogged then resprayed. The man we bought it from was about to attack the interior next but for personal reasons he had to sell him.

As soon as Gus came home to us, the next night we got stuck into removing the temporary interior.

During a mad frenzy we had him pretty much gutted in one night (except the 2 x 2 seater seats at the front). We now could take some measurements and I could start to do a proper floor plan for Gus.

We still need to have a look at the ceiling and get rid of the curtains and get an extra seat for Ella but we are almost ready to start fresh!!

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