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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nullabor to WA -Caiguna

Once again we set out on the very straight, long, boring, dusty road towards Border Village now on our unchecked spare tyer.

Had a really nice hamburger from the roadhouse and saw the big kangaroo Rooey II (what happened to Rooey I?).

Paid $2.12lt petrol and headed for quarentine at the SA/WA border. We continued along the A1 highway where we saw lots of trees with things in them. A CD tree, one with bras and of course one with thongs and shoes. We saw this one at the end (for us) of the 90 mile straight. We stopped and admired the tree, wrote on the pile of rocks and chatted to some vintage bike and car enthusiasts completing a 100 year journey of Perth to Sydney. Good luck on the Nullabor guys- you will need it!

We asked every town we passed if they could fix our tyer with no luck (ended up driving 900kms on the spare till we got it fixed)

Passed through a place called Cocklebiddy and Ella risked a play on a playground built in 1965 (one of many along the way aparently!)
Mind you it could have been worse, we could of stayed the night...

Camped outside Caiguna with the hope of seeing a mechanic in the morning.

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