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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Norseman to Esperance.

We finally got internet and phone reception just near Esperance. We slowly began to see houses, powerlines and then civilisation!

Went and got our spare tyer fixed straight away and bought a spare tube just incase. We went into the town center and then checked into the Esperance Caravan Park.
It reminded us so much of our beloved Hackney being a Top Tourist Park, we felt so at home. We were very much looking forward to a nice hot shower to get rid of the Nullabor dust and funk.

We found the caravan park itself really well set out, lots of shade, with very friendly staff and extremely clean shower and toilets. Right on the beach it was perfect for our little stop over.

We went into the town and did some shopping and went back to the bus to confront the mouse we still hadn't found and the traps had failed to catch. In the end there was no mouse- well none we could find. So hoping he either died of fright or carbon monoxide poisoning or ran out the way he came in when we started the bus.

 It was all too much for someone by the end of the day

The following day we explore the town and bought Ella a delayed birthday pressie. We quite liked Esperance with its French history and its amazing French bakery. We had a quick beer at the Pier Hotel and listened to the local farmers bang on about thier week.

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